In this new four-part series, we’re going to share with you some unique insight into why the city of Austin, Texas has recently climbed it’s way to the top of the list of the hottest real estate markets in the nation. In recent years, Austin, Texas has become a booming city poised for economic and residential development. In this series, you’ll read about four different reasons for why it’s time for you to purchase a home in Austin, Texas.

Businesses Are Making The Jump

Businesses all throughout the United States have taken note of Austin’s economy, and many of them have actually taken action to relocate their businesses into the city with the idea of taking advantage of affordable real estate and the vast potential of an untapped market. The technology industry in Austin is booming, with companies like IBM and AMD maintaining a presence there, and it’s also a hub for innovation, bringing startups and entrepreneurs from all around the world to the city.

Now, why does this matter for someone looking to buy a home? Because it shows just how important the city of Austin has become. After all, the world revolves around the economy – and the economy revolves around businesses. Wherever businesses flourish, families, entrepreneurs, students, and individuals flourish too.

A Growing Economy

Austin’s economy is growing faster than ever before. In fact, it’s even outpacing it’s current population growth! This staggering statistic is proving to show just how ripe the city of Austin is for entrepreneurs, business owners, and innovation leaders. In fact, Austin currently ranks as number 2 on CNBC’s list of America’s Top States for Business – this should come as no surprise. Especially after seeing just how wonderful this southern city is!

Ready To Buy/Sell?

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